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In April 2011, a group of friends (that's us!) living in Madison County, Alabama started developing MayFlowers, a non-profit focusing on disaster relief. The idea was inspired by seeing how devastated our families, friends, and neighbors were by the tornadoes that struck on 27 April 2011. Although it’s no longer as present in the media, the recovery effort is far from over. That’s where we’d like to provide support.

Our objective is to raise money and awareness to help rebuild and reinforce public service entities in the region (schools, libraries, playgrounds, etc.). We did this initially by encouraging people to download the MayFlowers app ($0.99) for their iPhone, iTouch, or iPad or donate via our website. In addition to being a pretty painless way to donate, the app also comes with an ever-expanding body of music and artwork donated by artists from across the nation.

The latest MayFlowers initiative is a relief concert that will be held at AM Booth's Lumberyard on 28 April 2012. The goals are to renew the energy of the relief effort, remember those who were effected by the 27 April 2011 tornadoes, and to celebrate the regrowth and incredible resilience of our community. Please read more about this event and purchase tickets via the Concert tab. We hope very much to see you there!

We are able to cover all administrative costs at this time, so none of your money will be used to run MayFlowers; all proceeds we receive will instead go directly into a non-profit checking account to be disseminated to people and places in need. Our aim is to keep this process as transparent as possible, so we’ll always communicate exactly where your money is going.

Every download, concert ticket purchase, and donation puts us closer to being able to help!
For further information, please explore our website and always feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions (how to donate music/art, how to offer other help, if you have ideas for where the money should go, etc.) as well!

Thanks very much in advance,
The MayFlowers Team